Lion Head Chandelier

Entering the Grand Hallway, guests cannot help but notice the massive lion head chandelier. 

It is believed, based on the historic photo shown below, that the light fixture was originally in the very ornate dining room.

Based on photos over time, it appears that when American Home Life Insurance bought the home and moved in in 1941, part of the remodeling moved the fixture to the Grand Hallway.

 There are four bell shaped, etched glass and metal pendant lights hanging from the jaws of Lions.  The perimeter and bottom of the fixture is illuminated by four additional lamps, which when lit, give the Lion Head Chandelier a warm wonderful glow that is very inviting.

  Heavy and ornate with intricate detail on every portion of the fixture, this statement piece has been fully restored, ready to light the way into the Dillon House for decades to come.