Arched Door Vestibule

Arched Glass - Door in vestibule

Stepping into the Dillon House, one is greeted by a quaint alcove vestibule.  Originally intended to keep the elements and especially the cold air out of the main house, and protect the beautiful hardwood floors, H.P. Dillon ensured that guests were greeted not by something merely functional, but something beautiful to look at upon their first step inside.

The vestibule is the main front entry to the house. It is tiled with terra cotta colored quarry tile. A wide eleven-lite door with flanking sidelights admits the visitor into the grand Reception Hall.

Matched in size to the massive solid wood front door, the vestibule glass door features 11 glass sections, three of which feature curved cuts to create a unique arch.  This arch element frames a view through the door to see the majestic grand stair case, the impressive stained glass windows at the top of the stairs.

On either side of the door are four panel windows, matching the pattern throughout all the exterior windows. 

The door and side panels combine to allow a great deal of visibility into the house, and allows a wonderful amount of sunlight, especially during the summer. The Dillon family would keep the large wooden door open, and use either the custom made screen or all glass storm doors.

Guests of the Dillon House today still use the same door that Hiram and Susie used in 1913. 

As one passes through the entry, it is easy to visualize the myriad of events held there, and the thousands of people who passed through the door.

The history of the Dillon House continues.  Even today, we are creating history in a historic creation.