Vestibule glass chandelier

Standing on the front porch of the Dillon House, visitors are often impressed by the somewhat overwhelming structure that is in front of them.  Opening the front door begins to reveal the treasures that are within the Dillon House.  Just inside the massive four foot wide, very heavy, Lion Head Doorknocker laden door is a welcoming vestibule.

Don’t rush right in, but take time to look around.  See the Arched glass door in front of you? 

[See separate QR Code for details of the door]

LOOK UP…. No seriously, take a look just inside the front door.


This original historic light fixture is made of translucent amber glass, suspended by three chains.  It is 10” in diameter, and has a 13” deep globe.  It is suspended on a 17” brass (post) depicting a relief of winged angelic cherubs. 



It provides a soft glow, especially on a dark evening, greeting guests and family home.

Welcome Home to the Dillon House.