Door Knocker

Lion Head Doorknocker

For over 100 years the visitors were greeted by this impressive all brass doorknocker.  It features a full mane male lion holding two snakes in its mouth.  The snakes are both biting a globe. Intricately detailed, the artistry and craftsmanship is evident in every detail, from the piercing eyes of the lion to the scales of the snakes.   It is believed that this piece was commissioned specifically for the Dillon family about 1912.

In early July of 2014, during the restoration of the historic Dillon House, thieves broke into the house and stole some of the contractors’ tools as well as the solid brass doorknocker.

The doorknocker is about 20” across and about 13” tall.  Weighing in at roughly 35 lbs. this would not have been an easy thing to steal.

After realizing the doorknocker had been stolen, the owners of Dillon House alerted all the local antique dealers, and junk metal companies to be on the lookout.  Additionally, we used social media as well as PBS and local radio to get the word out.

We received a call late one evening and found it the next morning, exactly where the caller indicated it would be. 

Through the efforts of all, and likely an honest person, the doorknocker was returned to the Dillon House, carefully wrapped up in pillow cases.

 All in all a very interesting journey for the historic doorknocker, another element in the colorful and historic past of the Dillon House.

Read the full story in the WIBW news article listed below.

The doorknocker has been found, returned, and has been re-installed on the front door, ready to greet visitors and guests of the Dillon House for another 100 + years.  Go ahead….give it a try….impressive isn’t it?