Welcome to the Dillon House - Entrance

Welcome to the

Dillon House 

Walking up to the Dillon House one is impressed not only with the sheer magnitude of the Italian Renaissance revival style, but the level of details incorporated at every turn.  Each element of the house was carefully thought out for its beauty, its intended use, and for the statement both the Dillon family and their architect desired.

The entry is a four foot wide single panel wood door. The door knocker is an ornamental lion with intertwined snakes in his mouth. The door surround is limestone. Tuscan order columns support a mostly Ionic entablature with a pulvinated frieze. The frieze is ornamented with leaf work and ribbons. A cartouche crowns the entry and displays the house number. The casement grouping above the entry is similar to the other second floor casement window groupings; however the central casement pair in this group is flanked by Hermes figures adorned with lion’s skins, the lion head being the headpiece.

A Hermes (also known as a herm) is a pillar, post, or column composed of the representation of a human head or human figure whose waist emerges from a tapering pedestal. They are also called a term or terminal figure.

0On these Hermes columns, the lion headpiece forms the capital, or top portion of the column that supports the structure above.

These columns above the entry were utilized to create molds for replica columns on the East façade, see “Portico to Capitol View” QR code for the details.