Coal Chutes - Cast Iron Radiators

Coal Chutes – Cast Iron Radiators     

initial heating of Dillon House

Originally, the home was heated by a coal fired steam radiator system.  To create the steam, coal was delivered to the home, thrown down the exterior coal chute, and retrieved by the interior coal chute, located about 6 feet from the original coal fired steam boiler.

 Exterior Coal Chute door, located right of the back door.   


 Interior coal chute door, located in what is now the men’s restroom on the lower level.

Cast iron radiators were strategically placed throughout the home, keeping every room and hallway warm all winter.

We have retained all the radiators, and although they were converted to gas heat sometime in the 40’s, today they are merely ornamental. 

You will find them under the bookcases in the library, on either side of the stained glass windows at the second floor landing, under the curved window seat in the arched dining room on the North side, a uniquely stacked system in the back stairway, and in every bedroom.