Bow Window in Dining Room

Bow Window - Dining Room 

One of the more striking features in the Dillon House is the northwest room that the Dillon family used as their dining room.  Along the northern wall is a beautiful bow window.  Attractive from both the outside and the inside, this expansive window is over sixteen feet wide and seven feet tall.  A bow window is a bay window built as a projecting curved element.

The north façade is asymmetric, but like the south façade, tends to give an overall impression of symmetry. The central mass on this elevation is the center and west wing volumes combined. The volumes are distinguished by the porte cochere and the bay window respectively. The porte cochere is supported by large ornamental metal brackets from below and chains from above. The porte cochere roof covers the main north entry doors.

The bay window has three pairs of casements with transoms. The transoms are all leaded glass, but the casements have a mixture of wood and leaded mullions.

As you can see, the bow window is just west of what was the main north entrance.  Originally the entrance was designed as the entrance to the home by means of a covered area for either buggy or eventually an auto.

Inside and beneath the expansive span of windows is a wonderfully crafted bow window seat.

The entire space was painted white, including the woodwork. Careful examination of the woodwork revealed the window trims on the north and south ends of the room do not match, and they are stained wood under the paint.  Our craftspeople carefully removed the paint and returned the wood to its original stained effect.

The Dining Room bow window does retain a historic window seat over a radial (curved) radiator. The window seat is supported at the front edge by cast metal lion chimeras.  These match the chimera at the front of the grand staircase.

CHIMERA: a monster from Greek mythology that breathes fire and has a lion's head, a goat's body, and a snake's tail: something that exists only in the imagination and is not possible in reality.

b :  an imaginary monster compounded of incongruous parts

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Window seat before restoration.  Note the radiator and Chimera supports are painted white.  During the restoration, we returned them to their original colors. 


Photos during restoration.  Significant work was required for both the ceiling, as well as the arched window.


This is what the bow window looks like from the inside, today.