Dining Room Fireplace

Dining Room Fireplace

This is the only known photo of the fireplace that was in the dining room.  As you can see, it was impressive even for 1916.  This was from the February 1916 edition of House & Garden Magazine.

Note the highly detailed features in the carvings, as well as the columns framing the fireplace.

Much to our disappointment, American Home Insurance either removed these, or they were removed prior to their purchase of the house in 1941. 

When undertaking a rehabilitation project that is designed to meet the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards, property owners have the option of restoring missing elements as long as sufficient documentation exists.  If adequate documentation does not exist, property owners are encouraged to design new elements that are “compatible” with the historic character of the building.  Because documentation existing for only the dining room and the dining room and music room had been combined during previous remodellings, we decided to create two new fireplace surrounds that are compatible with the historic Dillon House but are clearly new as part of this rehabilitation project.  


The new fireplace mantels have been constructed to bring back the appearance of functioning fireplaces to both the dining and music rooms. Oak trim and paneling was selected to match the character of the library fireplace, with each of the two new fireplace fronts proportioned slightly differently to provide a contrast between the two original rooms that have now been combined. Stamped metal panels have been placed where the openings themselves would have been, to replicate the appearance of the “summer covers” that were historically used to hide fireplaces when they were not needed.