West Wing Ceiling Beams

West wing – Coffered Ceiling

To our knowledge, there are no known photographs of the fireplace in what Susie and Hiram called the Music room, but the combination of those two rooms (Dining & Music) are now joined in what we refer to as the West Wing.

As seen in the historic photo below (from a February 1916 Home & Garden Magazine article), there was a coffered ceiling with massive wood beams in the dining room.  Architectural forensics indicate that they were also present in the original Music room.  These two rooms were originally separated by a walled hallway, leading to the kitchen and back stairs.  

Additional details in the room are impressive as well.  You will see, hidden behind the ornate screen, the top of the doorway which led from the dining room directly to the kitchen hall.  This would allow for easy entry and departure by the servants so as not to disturb the Dillon family guests.