Music Room Fireplace

Fireplace – Music Room

Sadly, there are no known photographs of the fireplace in what Susie and Hiram called the Music room.

However, based on the intricate details of the fireplace in the dining room, one can only imagine what may have been on display.

This is the dining room fireplace on the left, and our attempt to locate what we hoped would be the original fireplaces under plaster.

It appears that either prior to the purchase in 1941 by American Home Life Insurance Company, or during their remodel to make it their offices, the fireplaces were removed, and their locations covered in plaster.

Using historic photos (like the one above), our architects determined to create a set of period correct fireplace fronts in both the Music room and the Dining room.

The new fireplace mantels have been constructed to bring back the appearance of functioning fireplaces to both the dining and music rooms. Oak trim and paneling was selected to match the character of the library fireplace, with each of the two new fireplace fronts proportioned slightly differently to provide a contrast between the two original rooms that have now been combined. Stamped metal panels have been placed where the openings themselves would have been, to replicate the appearance of the “summer covers” that were historically used to hide fireplaces when they were not needed.