Portico to Capitol View

Portico to Capitol View

Originally, the east end of the Dillon House was built as a warm welcoming spot, with a spectacular view of the Kansas state capital.  Supported by Greek columns, guarded by Hermes’ on the second level, this open air two-story portico that incorporates pergola elements was a welcome respite from the summer heat of northeast Kansas.

A pergola is an arbor formed of horizontal trelliswork supported on columns or posts, over which vines or other plants are trained.

We especially adore the dog that was captured with his paws on the planter box.  Only history knows what treasures he might have had hidden in those planters. 

It must have been pure pleasure to sit out on the portico, enjoying the view, saying hello to the children passing by on their way to Topeka High School.  Mr. and Mrs. Dillon were known for being very friendly, and greatly enjoyed being part of the neighborhood.

Around 1941, American Home Life Insurance Company purchased the property from the Dillon family.  They constructed the yellow brick addition pictured below, replacing the open air portico.

For our historic restoration of the Dillon House, we chose to return the east end to its original look, with some very updated and modern features.  Included in the new east end, is thermal glass from floor to ceiling, state of the art technology, the return of columns to the lower level, and the inclusion of four Hermes’ atop the second floor barricade.

Below is the work in progress of installing the second of four Hermes’.  To recreate these without the original plans, our creative craftspeople took a mold of the existing Hermes’ above the front door.


Here you see some of the steps necessary to create an exact mold of the Hermes’ so we could replicate them to more of what they originally looked like.

This is what the Portico to Capitol View looks like today. (2015)