Wall Scones in Grand Hall

Wall Sconces in Grand Hall

Beautifully ornate, these three lamp wall sconces depict an image of an era gone by.  

There are a total of four, sconces, two to the left of the grand stairway, and two to the right.

Each of them sits atop a “torch-like” structure with an intricately detailed wall frame. 

The center of the wall fixture is painted which was originally believed to have been mirrored to reflect the light.

Electric wall sconces were based on the historic design of brackets or sockets that typically held candlesticks for lighting rooms or passageways.

Middle English, from Anglo-French sconce, *esconse screened candle or lantern, from escunser to hide, obscure, from Old French escons, past participle of escondre to hide, from Vulgar Latin *excondere, alteration of Latin abscondere — more at abscond.