Grand Staircase

Grand Staircase

The main stair is the primary access to the second floor. A substantial 7 ½ foot wide tread welcome multiple guests at one time.  Stained oak railings line the stairs which ascend to a landing, and then split into two flanking sections to ascend the final height to the second floor. The oak panels that ring the opening in the second floor are beautifully figured and all appear to be from the same tree. Four leaded glass casement windows with transoms illuminate the landing.

Flanked on either side, the hand rails are protected by 20” tall Chimera (Lion Headed Newel Posts)     *see QR code for Lion Head Newel Posts for additional information.

Originally finished in solid oak, a previous owner applied a laminated (asbestos laden) tread cover.  We professionally remediated the tread covers, refinished the wood to its original pre-World War One luster, and then placed period correct carpet runners, secured with brass rods with pineapple finials, for a welcoming touch.

The landing and second floor portion of the Grand Staircase are an impressive display of carved wood balusters, and intricate detail work done by the 1900’s craftspeople.

Hand rails were heavily damaged by fire and water stains in the early 90’s. The hand rails have been restored, and now look as good today as they did in 1913 for the very first Dillon event.

This massive expanse is over 11 feet wide, creating a feeling of magnitude.  Just imagine what “special moments” await this staircase in the years to come.  Visions of great Hollywood movies of yesteryear come to mind.  We hopefully will create hundreds of opportunities to make their own magic moments.

Graduations – Weddings – Political Events – Anniversary Celebrations – Business Successes – Receptions

The possibilities are as endless as one’s imagination.