Reception - Grand Hall

Reception “Grand” Hall

In the Vestibule, the original light fixture and the ornate door to the Reception Hall would be considered character defining. The Reception Hall boasts an original chandelier, sconce lights and the fireplace as well as the long, low radiators that flank the stairs. The Main Stair is flanked on either side with impressively carved lion newel posts, echoing the lions on the exterior. The stout oak railing and trim at the stairs adds a great deal of character to the stair. The stained glass windows on the first landing provide character not only to the stair, but the Reception Hall below.

Dillon House reception hall fireplace circa 1917.

Dillon House reception hall fireplace and chandelier circa 2009.

The highly detailed fireplace displays the quote:
“None Come Too Early, None Stay Too Late”

   The south end of the reception hall contains the magnificent Grand Staircase leading to the second floor. The grandness of this element is awe inspiring, leading many to images of great movies of the past.

We intend to create some of our own historic moments with new brides and dignitaries making a grand entrance descending these stairs…….      

Arched glass door

Entrance vestibule


Lion detailed newel post  

Ornate wall sconces


Butler Closet    

Low profile floor radiators